Order & Shipping

Parts can be ordered from the Parts page.

SpeciVue BLT upper trays accommodate specimen jars up to 2″ in diameter and 2.5″ deep. Your specimen jars are inserted into wells cut in the BackLit Tray (BLT) upper tray.

Order upper trays from the BLT product page for the unit you have (or the Parts page) and select the well size appropriate for your specimen jar.

Free shipping on all orders.

Yes. An order can be canceled prior to shipping. To cancel an order, send us an email. Please include your order confirmation number.

Returns & Exchanges

Yes. To return or exchange a BLT unit, send us an email. Please include your order confirmation number.

Operation, Cleaning & Care

Alcohol wipes can be used to quickly and easily clean the BLT outer surfaces as needed between cases.

The BLT upper tray, lower tray and diffusion plate can be rinsed under water with gentle detergent, and hand dried.

Bleach can be used, but can leave a hazy residue, which can be easily wiped clean with alcohol or ammonia based cleaners.

No. Do not run it under water or submerge it. Use bleach or alcohol wipes to clean.

No. Do not expose any parts to heat or heated drying, as this can melt and deform the unit.