SpeciVue BackLit Trays

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Step 1

Measure the circumference of the specimen jar(s) used by your facility

It’s important to ensure a proper fit of your specimen jar(s) in the SpeciVue Backlit Tray upper tray.

Step 2

SpeciVue BackLit Tray full units

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  • BLT-1 Cordless – $499 ea.
  • BLT-3 Cordless – $599 ea.
  • BLT-5 Cordless – $649 ea.
  • BLT-5 Corded – $649 ea.
  • BLT Advanced – $689 ea.

Additional units (optional)

If your endoscopy lab uses more than one size specimen jar, consider ordering additional upper trays — $99 ea.

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