Innovating GI Endoscopy takes more than a bright idea

Our vision of a successful solution doesn’t stop at successful examinations. It starts with continually innovating products and improving staff work environments. The SpeciVue BackLit Tray (BLT) is uniquely designed to bring this vision to light.

Why use SpeciVue BackLit Trays?

Speed Specimen Collection & Visualization

We recognize that specimen collection and visualization is a critical part of successful patient outcomes. Using a SpeciVue® BLT speeds specimen collection and visualization by providing gentle back light in dimly lit procedure rooms.

With the SpeciVue BackLit Tray

Without the SpeciVue BackLit Tray

Small footprint preserves cart field space

Staff will more than see the difference BackLit Trays create in speed and improved ergonomics

Improve Ergonomics & Staff Satisfaction

The SpeciVue BLT’s unique design offers staff several benefits:

  • Reduced eye strain that results from specimen collection in dim lighting
  • A small footprint and cordless design preserves cart field space
  • No additional turnover time is required since a BLT is easily wiped clean or can be fully submerged if needed
  • A single or multiple well linear array prevents mislabeling specimen jars
  • A low center of gravity creates a stable base reducing the risk of spills vs. free-standing specimen jars
  • LED light sources remain cool after hours of use
  • The light source intensity can be adjusted according to staff preference
  • The light source can be changed in seconds with no special tools

SpeciVue BackLit Trays are designed to fit into any process